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(Prices correct as of 1st August 2013)

I've reopened for custom ornament work, please do not hesitate to contact me with further questions.

Prices for Custom Made Memo Rats

Memo Rats are helpful companions, who can hold shopping lists, photos, reminders, or simply keep you company at your work desk.  Each one is hand sculpted by myself, with high quality polymer clay.  They are hand painted with acrylics, and sealed with a durable matt varnish.  No Memo Rat is exactly the same, and can be made in the colours to match your favourite rat, or as a gift for a rat lover.

*** Custom Memo Rats start at 40 ***

Prices may vary according to the complexity of the pose and colours chosen.  Memo rats stand at approximately 4 inches.

Examples of Memo Rats:

null null

Prices for Rat Ornaments:

Rat Ornaments are made in the same style as Memo Rats, except that they have solid, clay tails, instead of the wire tails Memo Rats have.  Hand sculpted and painted, they can be made to resemble your pet, or even be customised to celebrate birthdays, weddings and so on.

*** Basic (no extra items, rat only): 45 ***

*** With item (such as cake, cheese etc): 50-55 ***

*** Wedding Toppers (4 5 inches, including top hat): 85 - 100+ ***

Prices will vary, based on the required detail of markings, accessories and other customisations.

Example Basic Ornament:


Example Birthday Ornament:


Example Wedding Topper:


Prices for Mini Rats

Mini Rats are small, 2 2.5 inch little rat ornaments that like to sit on your desk at work, occupy a spot on a bookshelf, or keep you company on the kitchen windowsill as you do the washing up.  

Mini Rats are handmade and painted, and can be painted to resemble your rat, and there is also the option to add accessories, such as cake or cheese.

*** Basic (no extra items, rat only): 12 - 15 ***

*** With item (cake, cheese etc.): 15+ ***

Prices may vary, based on the required detail of markings, accessories and other customisations.

Example Mini Rats with items:


Multiple Ornament Commissions: I offer 10% discount from each additional ornament ordered at the same time.

Please contact me to place an order, or to ask questions.

I've reopened for sculpture commissions so I thought I'd pop my price list here, as I get a lot of requests for prices and it's hard to reply to them promptly. I'm currently working on the layout of my commissions information tab on the main site, so this is a simplified version of my price list.

Further sculpture commission information can be found here:

My waiting list is currently 2 6 months, but orders for Christmas can be completed as priority, if the order is placed by Saturday 31st August 2013.

Price List:

Prices will vary according to the complexity of the pose and colours chosen.(Prices are correct as of 1st August 2013.) Prices are exclusive of postage - please contact me for a quote.

(Measurements are the largest part of the sculpt, depending on the pose)

*** Small (3 4 inches): 140 ***

*** Medium (4 6 inches): 165 ***

*** Large / over-sized (6 - 7 inches +): 180 ***

Example Small Sculpture 4 inches nose to rump:

cat sculpture

Example Medium Sculpture 5 inches, head to rump):

fancy rat sculpture

Example Large Sculpture 6 inches (nose to rump):

dachshund sculpture

Example Multiple Subjects in One Sculpt (for each additional subject there is a 20% discount from the second subject's sculpture price):

fancy rat sculpture hooded rats

Multiple Sculpture Commissions: I offer 10% discount from each additional sculpture ordered at the same time.

Please do not hesitate to email me ( if you have any questions. isn't - but when you run a small craft business it's seriously time to start panicking about stock levels for the festive season.  Especially if you are as slow as I am!

I've been incredibly busy recently, but I'm hoping to have a breather at the end of the month, so I can get Etsy back open, and get my website tidied up, and open a store over there too - which means I'll be able to offer a wider selection of jewellery as well as ornaments.

I'd also like to take a bit of time to finish some paintings I started years ago, and to do some general 2D work. I've been finding it hard getting back into art as a hobby, rather than commissions.

On a lighter note - I recently got engaged! I don't think we'll be having a ratty wedding topper - but I've nearly got agreement for a unicorn one :P

I'm not great at replying to notes and enquiries here, so if anyone needs to contact me, the best way is via email:

I tend to update my Facebook more often with WIP photos and updates regarding commission statuses, so if you'd like to know what I am up to follow me here:…

Thank you for everyone's lovely feedback comments on my deviations and encouraging notes.  Apologies that I haven't replied to everyone, but I do read all of your comments, and they mean a lot.

Good grief! The last few months have been hectic. I barely have chance to watch movies any more. I shouldn't complain but my back log of orders is getting me somewhat stressed.

I am currently closed for all custom work for at least the next two months, possibly until March/April time. I will announce here, Facebook and my website when I am open again.

I shall be concentrating on finishing my existing custom orders, and stocking up my Etsy over the next few weeks.

I have a bit of a back log with email enquiries, but that is currently the best way to contact me:

My current priorities are the orders that have been designated urgent and/or been paid for in full. Apologies for any disappointments on the run up to the holidays.

I've had so many wonderful comments regarding the little rat sculpture chosen as a Daily Deviation. It was my first one, and it means so much to me that he has been so well received. I put a lot of work into him and it's great to see it was noticed.  I've read everyone's comments and even though I've not had time to reply, I have read them all. Thank you.

I've had a lot of inquiries regarding how much I charge for my ornaments, and what people have to do for a quote. I often miss notes because I often don't have time to log onto dA everyday.  

I've now composed a commissions info page for my pet portrait sculptures on my website:

I hope this helps answer some questions.  Eventually my website will cover more FAQs etc.  but at least it's a start!
Well, I moved successfully and everything is unpacked just abouts.  I am working on finishing previous orders this month, and hoping to complete most of my to do list next month.

I am getting my Etsy shop ready for the holidays, so keep an eye out for new items being added over the next few weeks.

If you'd like to help me eat and pay the bills whilst I sculpt, you can check it out here:… :lol:

Even buying a small item helps keep me in coffee!
Ok, I've been a little quiet lately.  Between working and viewing properties I finally found somewhere to live!  Yay!  As long as I can get internet sorted there should be minimal disruption to my schedule as I'll be moving grasually, prioritising my work load and all that jazz.  So anyway, to the fun bit:

I get my keys to my new flat on Tuesday next week!

To celebrate, Philosophyfox Crafts will be holding a special sale from now until 11.59pm 26th June 2012.

Simply enter DOORKEY26 coupon code on checkout at my Etsy store for a 26% discount.

Please join me in my excitement! ♥…

(Discount only available in my Etsy store)
It's been absolutely crazy recently.  I am ploughing through custom orders, and I have barely been able to get started on commissions.  It's all a bit go go go at the moment.  I'm still incredibly poor, so I must be doing something wrong, but I guess I'm just me, in this little start up business!

Thank you everyone for the favs and watches. I've not been able to reply to people as often, or as soon as I'd like.  I'm trying to reply to comments though.  I know I have no where near as many as a lot of you guys, but multi-tasking isn't my forte!

I've been working alongside custom orders and commissions getting my Etsy shop stocked up.  There's a little bit of everything in there at the moment.  It needs a tidy up, and some new photos once I have time, but at the moment it's the best place to buy my pre-made items.…

I am feeling a little shattered at the moment, I am craving taking time for myself, so doodle a bit, and to break into this new set of water colours I bought last year.  

So many ideas, such little time!
For those of you following Slug's progress with his Zymbal's gland tumour I'd realised I haven't made an update about him.  I had to have him euthanised on Sunday, the tumour had ruptured and he was scratching and in discomfort.  He had a last run round my room, and an explore of his favourite bookshelf in the sitting room.  It was quiet at the vets and the nurse said he passed away quickly.  

I'm finding it hard adjusting to having only three rats.  And I am finding it hard that my boy really is gone. His brother is missing him too.  I'm hoping he won't grieve for him.

I miss you Slug :(
The last couple of weeks have been crazy.  Seriously hectic. I've been getting ready for a show that I did the Saturday just gone and I'd been working until past midnight most days.  On the upside, the show went really well, and there's plenty of stock for my Etsy, which I starting listing last night:…

This week I desperately need to get my room tidied, so I can see my desk and get my new furniture in.  I thought more storage would help me get more organised and keep my stock labeled and easy to get to.  And I also need to push on with custom orders.  Being able to see and get to my desk will surely help with that! ;)

I'm wondering how much I can get ticked off for next Monday, time to GO! GO! GO!

I have too much stuff.  And most of my stuff lives in storage.  It's moved house many times over the years (and back again).  I spend a lot of time worrying about my stuff.  So it's with a heavy heart that I am having a gradual clear out of some much loved items.  I'd rather they go to collectors who will appreciate them than being just kept in a cupboard or worse - the loft!

So this week it's starting with the Farthing Wood stuff.  Next week I'm going to be a bit more ruthless with stuff, and as most of my space is taken up with my craft stuff and books it looks like I'll need to be unsentimental about it all.  

So if anyone is interested:…………

I just hope if they do sell they go to a good home!
I am currently closed until the start of June for new commissions and custom orders.  

I will be working on the list in the order that I have been commissioned in, with the exception of two deadlines I have been given for gifts.
If you don't recognise what you've ordered on this list, please give me a shout.  If you think I've missed you off, please let me know.  Due to some people commissioning for gifts, and the fact that many people don't want their names over the internet I've described their order via what it is they would like, and their method of ordering.  

Memo Rats:
Group of memos x 6 (order via email) - bases started, one fired
Pair of blue dumbo memos (order via Facebook) - armatures started
Memo rat as part of a larger order (Facebook) - fired ready to sand and paint
Black dumbo memo (email) - fired ready to paint
Orange hooded dumbo (email/Facebook) - fired ready to paint
Memo pair (Facebook) - not yet started

Sleeping silver fawn rat (email) - 3/4 completed
Dog sculpt (email) - initial sketches done - sculpt not started
Dog sculpt pair (email) - sketches being finalised
Black dumbo eating a yoggie (dA) - fired - colour refs completed and sent to customer for checking
Walking rat sculpt (dA) - initial blocking in process, needs moving to next stage and WIP shots sending to customer
Walking rat sculpt 2 (Facebook) - armature made, ready to block in initial stages - colour refs set to customer - need to edit
Dumbo with white dot on forehead (Facebook) - colour refs sent to customer
Black hooded sculpt (Facebook) - not started but slot reserved

Black dumbo w/cake (email) - armature started
Rat holding cupcake (email) - not started
Mini rats, keyring/multiple items (Facebook) - not started
As many of you who have either done a trade with me, or commissioned me will know, I am not the fastest worker in the world!  I tend to flit from one project to another and panic if there are more than two or three things on my to do list!  As it happens I have about 14 things on my to do list, queue epic panicking!

So this week I'll be trying to get through things in an orderly and timely fashion.  I'm not kidding myself that I'll get everything done (especially when it take 60+ hours for some projects) but I am planning on getting some things finished.  There's nothing more satisfying than crossing something off the 'to do' list!

I am aware I still have out standing art trades looming.  And I will get them finished this week as I have some sketches to do for customers' sculpture designs.  (Anyone wondering where there order is are welcome to contact me; although I am aware of *everything* that needs doing, I just better go and do it!)

I think if I put the 'to do' list here it might spur me into finishing some things this week!  So before next weekend arrives I would like to:

-Send WIP shots to everyone who has asked for them, including initial design sketches
-Finish an out-standing sculpture commission and the paintwork on another one
-Try and finish at least three orders of smaller ornaments and jewellery

I like to think it's all do able, and if I get more done I'll be super happy!
Well, after a bit of a panic yesterday Sluggy is still with us.  He has lost a bit more weight, so I am keeping a close eye on him, but I'm just enjoying whatever time is left with him.  He shared my breakfast today and is looking brighter than he has for the last few days.  :heart:
Slug had a small operation to see what his lump was yesterday.  Turns out it is a tumour.  He has been very quiet today and his teeth are looking a bit long and lop-sided.  I've given him some Metacam and if he's no perkier tonight will take him to the vets tomorrow (his check up is booked for Friday).  If his teeth can't be trimmed a little without stress it might be kinder to let him go before he suffers. :'(
Apologies to those I've not got WIP shots to yet.  I'm a little behind due to some emergency work I've had to do.

That and I have a couple of poorly rats.  Grub has respiratory problems.  He's always had them, on and off so I think he is due for some more antibiotics. He is fine in himself - just sounds dreadful.  Slug has a suspected Zymbals Gland tumour and I just hope I can persuade the vet to listen to me and the treatment I'd like for him.  slug is still a happy rat and very bouncy - so I'd rather the vet not poke it if it can be helped.  Off to the vets in a few hours.

And I am in bed in pain after a filling at the dentists.  I'm ever so sorry for the whining post - I promise to get back on track by the end of the week.

Love to you all and thank you for your support :heart:
:eager: I'm having a little giveaway over on Facebook:…

It closes on Sunday, but please feel free to pop over there and share your ideas.  The rules, and prizes are laid out there.  

(This will not affect those who are waiting on commissions from me - those take priority)

Good luck and thanks in advance for looking! :dance:
I thought I would write down my 'to do list' here so it jogs my memory and online is a bit more 'official' than on several notes on my desk/diary.

As always - if you are wondering where I am with your order - please drop me a note or an email at philosophyfox @ (remove spaces) and feel free to shout at me ;) If you don't think you are on the list - SHOUT at me :P I've tried to be impersonal incase people don't want their details blasting out all over the interwubs :)


Paint curled up rat sculpture (ongoing)
Rat eating yoggie (need to gee this one up! - owe customer an update and WIP shots)
Walking rat (need to forward WIP shots to customer asap)
Dog sculpture (prelim. sketches)
Dog sculpture duo (prelim sketches)
Rat on hind legs (with a girly bum - to sketch out ideas)

Memos/memo type ornaments:

Hooded top ear and hooded dumbo (need painting and photos sending to customer before sealing and posting)
Dumbo hairless (finish up and show customer final shots before sealing and posting)
Sitting eating cake (you know who you are - apologies for the delay!)

Mini ornaments:

Two with cakes (need making - WIP shots sending this week)

I aim to have contacted everyone with WIP updates by Sunday 25th March.  If you haven't heard from me by then feel free to shout at me.  :eager:
I've been thinking long and hard recently about custom orders.  Not commissions for larger artwork such as sculptures, drawings and memo rats, but the smaller things I make.  The little ratty ornaments, the keyrings, magnets and badges etc.  I seem to spend so much time on them.  I want them to be as good as I can make them, so I cannot rush them.  But they are eating into my other time slots and taking a bit of my energy with them.  

I'm not saying I don't enjoy working on things, or creating things - or seeing customers beam when they have a keyring the colour of their rat.  It's just hard to know how much to do, and when to stop, for my other customers' sakes.  I don't want to make sculpture customers wait any longer than they do for their pieces, and so I fear I'll either have to cut back on custom jewellery and accessories, or simply charge double for those custom items to make it worth my while.  It's such a shame, but because the business is my livelihood, I can't see another way around it until I get a bit more settled into a routine and find out what works.  Not just for the business but for me too.

So, the plan is to build up my stock - in good variety, quantity and quality, in order to sell on my website and Etsy.  This means I can concentrate on my sculptures and ornaments, and get a chance to make some premade ornaments of different animals, and be a little more creative.  I am currently unsure as to whether I want to simply charge double and have customs opened all the time, or simply 'open for custom items' every 6-8 weeks or so, say for a limited time, or with a limited amount of slots.

Of course if things calm down a bit on the sculpture side I'll be in a pickle, but at the moment my life is being taken up with the business and little time to simply enjoy the process of creating.

Has anyone else felt the same way?

Love and peace :heart:
To all those waiting on commission updates from me, I'll be dropping notes over the next few days with updates, WIP shots and markings sketches.  Sorry you've not heard to much from me recently: I'm getting through my to do list - slowly but surely. :shifty: